Symphonic Thoughts

Symphonic Thoughts

torsdag 13 november 2014

Good news

This weekend a guy in Connecticut contacted me presenting me his ideas for his coming album (a "metal-techno-fusion"-project). He asked me if I could help him with vocals. I accepted that - at least to give it a try! Then he presented to me that he could help me release my CD in USA and on Amazon. Well, I immediately accepted - at least to give it a try! So this is my announcement that - hopefully and likely - there will be an album available soon. Music from the Smålandian Forests of Sweden!

It will be an emotional journey for the listener. I actually like the idea of an album. I hope people will put the headphones on (if you don't own a decent hifi-system), and drift away with the Music - maybe, like me, into the Smålandian Forests of Sweden!

Finally: I know that I have some international readers of my blog, even though I mostly write in Swedish. If you like, then pleace post a comment and tell me what makes you come here? I'm very curious, maybe it is the translation tool that works good enough?

Greetings from Jeremiah

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